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See full summary » The film is a biblical soap-opera whose action unfolds in the Californian desert.

As his father was a businessman, the family moved around a lot to different places and countries across different continents like Europe and South America including countries like Venezuela and Argentina.Christina Rosenvinge Hepworth (born May 29, 1964, in Madrid) is a Spanish singer-songwriter, actress and producer, born to a Danish parents, Hans Jørgen Christian Rosenvinge, and Danish/British, mother Daphne Ankerstjerne Hepworth. When Viggo was seven, his parents sent him to a a strict boarding school, isolated in the foothills of the mountains of Argentina. His mother moved herself and the children back to her home state of New York. After graduation, he moved to Denmark - driven by the need for a defining purpose in life. His father, who farmed in Denmark, met his mother, a New Yorker, in Norway. was born, before moving to South America where Viggo Sr. Two more sons were born, Charles and Walter, before the marriage grew increasingly unhappy.Viggo attended Watertown High School and became a very good student and athlete. He began writing poetry and short stories while working many odd jobs, from dock worker to flower seller.