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A complete rewrite occurred for RT version 2.0 when Jesse started to work on RT full-time in 2001 and founded Best Practical Solutions.Do you have a scripting-related question or problem?It is possible to extend the RT interface using plug-ins written in Perl.Jesse Vincent, while enrolled at Wesleyan University in 1994, worked for Wesleyan's computing help desk and was responsible for improving the help desk and residential networking software infrastructure.RT's first release in 1996 was written by Jesse Vincent, who later formed Best Practical Solutions LLC to distribute, develop, and support the package.RT is written in Perl and runs on the Apache and lighttpd web servers using mod_perl or Fast CGI with data stored in either My SQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle or SQLite.

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Although you don’t need to fetch a schema, I’ve included the proper set up above in case you want to call The above is for modifying an item.

In this case the $sp_id must be set appropriately from the “id” attribute of a list item you previously fetched. Perhaps one day someone can put the effort in to writing a module to do all this.

This task included setting up a ticketing system for the help desk.

Initially he set up a Linux server to run "req", but later he identified that the command line interface was limiting usage.