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The Puritan belief was an exaggeration of similar beliefs held in England, but taken to a new high in the New World as the Godly immigrants justified their invasive, disruptive presence.

These new arrivals loved to obsess to each other about how much more "worthy" they were to live in the New World than those "damned half-naked savages" who lived in the woods like beasts.

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Here's a simple experiment, turn to the person next to you and say, "How often do you masturbate? If not, try having them guess how often their parents masturbate.

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They also might not be so fat if they didn't try to take this approach to masturbation. Most sociologists chalk it up to America's Puritan forefathers who taught that sexuality was sinful as well as dissipating to the individual.

Nonetheless, this is the tendency -- to feel ashamed about an act so natural that pretty much all primates and perhaps even all mammals participate in it. Sexual activity, they thought, would drain one of energy better put into work.