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It becomes the backbone for the personality of the organization.

The goal during the application of Standard Operating Procedures (or SOP) is to create a uniform and detailed set of instructions to achieve a specified standard during organizational operations.

The Airports organization is developing Standard Operating Procedures for high-value field activities.

Standardizing these activities will create efficiencies, increase quality control, and ensure consistency in the way we administer programs across the country.

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Building a more robust and resilient infrastructure does not minimize these failures; additional mechanisms, organizational and operational in nature, must be deployed to prevent failures caused by human activities in the data center.Good MOPs (method of procedure) help humans manage the complexity inherent in data centers By Alfonso Aranda with Lee Kirby Data centers are complex techno–human systems.The number of interrelated and interdependent elements (including the human element) that interact in the normal operation of a data center and the large number of interactions that take place combine to generate this complexity.Complexity generates a high risk of data center failure, which can originate in the infrastructure (electrical, mechanical, IT, communications) or as a result of interaction between those who manage the infrastructure and systems within those infrastructures or systems.Uptime Institute considers these interactions to be the leading cause of data center outages.