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Its fifth season may have started on Channel 4 last Sunday (11 October), but with Netflix adding series four of the popular political thriller series Homeland on to its systems, you can easily catch up to where it's kicking off again in no time if you haven't watched it already.

On top of all that, they also find themselves hilariously tackling the usual bloodsucker problems such as avoiding the sun, dressing appropriately for the times and finding a bite to eat!

Suddenly, he realised something was amiss, peering over Ash to ask Tim: 'Hey! 'Tim's eyes-widened with embarrassment as he confessed: 'Aw, s**t!

'Tim captioned the video: 'After living in the Big Brother house I'm used to getting pretty close with my housemates.'But I gotta say it's only one week in and things are moving very quickly.'Danny replied in the comments: 'And this is on a quiet night!

William, who attended Royal Ascot with the Duchess of Cambridge on Tuesday, is expected to spend the day privately with Kate and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

This year, the Duke is making some major changes to his life by becoming a full-time royal.