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Brock Lesnar is seen on all of their lists and that is no surprise there.

Not only is he a huge, behemoth of a man but he is also very fast and agile for someone so large.

I will try to put the "more intimidating" players closer to 1) Don't let his vivacious smile fool you, Rodney Harrison was one of the most ferocious players of his time.

He made a name for himself after being drafted out of Western Illinois by the San Diego Chargers in 1994, but he'll mostly be remembered for his leadership and big-play ability on the New England Patriots' Super Bowl-winning clubs of the 2000s.

Let's take a glance at the top 40 intimidating players in NFL history.

Certainly a list worth debating...(Side note: After beginning, I realized it's nearly impossible to rank these players from 40-1, so this is simply a list of the top 40 most intimidating players in history.

Harrison never shied away from a huge collision and always kept his mouth going.

He's still decidedly unpolished in an MMA context, but he's got plenty of potential and certainly looks the part.

Vlad III Dracula—better known by the gruesome moniker “Vlad the Impaler”—was a 15th-century ruler of Wallachia (now part of Romania) who became notorious for his rampant use of torture, mutilation and mass murder.

Vlad’s military exploits saw him praised by many as a hero, but his unmatched cruelty and penchant for barbaric executions—often against his own people—contributed to his reputation as one of history’s most coldblooded leaders.

Here are the 10 most intimidating fighters active in the sport today. Personality is one factor, though rap sheets out of the cage are not as important as your appearance.

Same thing goes for in-cage records and performance.