Loosing bookmarks when updating firefox

If you run CCleaner with its default settings, you'll thwart most attempts at recovery,... Passwords don/t seem to be a big issue and I'm slowly replacing missing bookmarks.Thanks for the suggestions, this will lead me to back up on removable media more often.Otherwise you may need to download another Piriform tool called Recuva, and use that to find your bookmarks backup files that were deleted..they have not been overwritten. If you select Compact Database, CCleaner will defragment and trim unused space from these databases.* Website Icons Some browsers store website icons which are displayed on the address bar and in the favorites list.* Saved Passwords - Web browsers can store passwords for pages you've visited. You can use these resources to start comparing products... avtest[type]=3 Virus Bulletin VB100 - https:// Web Browsers (for example, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari)* Cookies - Web cookies stored by each browser.Change it to your desired location and make sure to use \ instead of \. Now Firefox will automatically use the above mentioned file for storing your bookmarks and you'll not need to take care of your bookmarks ever.Hello here is the problem I had with some urgency backup all my system (linux mint 11) in order to not lost my files.You can use it to find your deleted/lost Android bookmarks according to your own need. Here almost all Andorid devices are supported, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and more. After scanning, all the deleted/lost/existing data will be shown in the main window.

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And you can tap "Only display the deleted item(s)", just find the deleted/lost bookmarks you had ever made, and then click "Recover" to get back your deleted Firefox/Google Chrome bookmarks.

bookmarks, then you can take help of this tutorial.

I use this trick to set a separate location for my Firefox bookmarks.

I usually set this backup location to a drive other than windows drive, so that if windows gets corrupted and if I have to reinstall windows, I'll not have to lose my Firefox bookmarks. First export your Firefox bookmarks for one time only and save the file to any desired location, which you think is safe.

To export Firefox bookmarks, go to Bookmarks - NOTE: Here "E:\Setup\bookmarks.html" is the location where I have stored the bookmarks file.