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By assembling vast amounts of usable, searchable, real-world data, Cancer Lin Q seeks to improve the quality and value of cancer care.

The Conquer Cancer Foundation funds breakthrough cancer research and shares cutting-edge knowledge with patients and physicians worldwide by improving quality of and access to care and by enhancing quality of life for all who are touched by cancer.

Parties who not think they should talk directly to the opposing party but still wish to avoid a trial may consider arbitration or mediation.

How Arbitration Works Arbitration is a quicker, lighter version of trial.

Please note that e-members are not eligible for the member page charge rate or ADSA awards, and cannot run for office or vote in ADSA elections.

, the highest rated dairy science journal in the world.

At the American Council on Education, we are driven to make these beliefs a reality with cutting-edge programs and research, unfaltering advocacy and passion to excel as an organization.

Partnership Forum Attendees Create Action Plans to Advance Value-Based Contracting Partnership Forum produced important consensus on addressing operational, legal and regulatory changes needed to leverage new payment system for health care.

2026 Examined in House Subcommittee on Health Hearing The U. House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Health held a hearing today on the “Pharmaceutical Information Exchange (PIE) Act of 2017” (H. Value-Based Contracting: Rewarding Value Over Volume Value-based contracting is about getting patients access to new breakthrough therapies that will improve health outcomes, while creating incentives that reward the value of therapies over volume, and quality over quantity.

Trials (and the preparation before they start) can last weeks, months, or even years, which makes going to court an expensive endeavor.

Although long trials are sometimes necessary for the resolution of a case, there are alternatives to a trial.