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To his wife, Joyce, Saturday is only a matter of dread.For Russell, meanwhile, there are additional burdens.As a working-class girl with few social graces of my own, I have limited knowledge of the ins and outs of Debrett’s, outside of a teenage peek at a Jilly Cooper novel, but as a regular commuter I am often appalled by the behaviour of my fellow travellers.As boxer Paul Ingle remained in a stable condition in hospital, health secretary Alan Milburn insisted today that he had no intention of banning boxing.“I am personally very excited about what we can achieve in Brazil; this will be the best prepared Team Ireland to ever attend an Olympic Games.“And I know the Brazilian people, renowned for their passion, will deliver a memorable Games.I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like this before 2 weeks ago. Neighbors 10yo lab will stop suddenly, freeze up, fall down, and take 3-4mins to get back up.

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You could hardly come here every morning and fail to learn a broader perspective – even if the horses that come bounding up the gallop have, in years past, hypnotised your emotional perceptions.

Yesterday morning I took him out for his walk and he was all over me the first 30 secs while getting leash on, jumping around, etc.

Mrs Woolley said her daughter was wearing a helmet and all the protective equipment one would expect to see on ‘a professional’, adding: ‘She was a very diligent and careful rider. She wouldn’t have gone out without it.’ She was due to start her A-level studies in September.

Mrs Woolley said she and her husband had tried not to tell their daughter too often how beautiful and talented she was to help her keep her feet on the ground.

Ireland will have its largest delegation of athletes since 1948 at the Olympics next month after the Olympic Council of Ireland today confirmed the 77 athletes who will travel.